Signs You May Need A Hot Drink

Signs You May Need A Hot Drink:


  • You can see your breath while reading this.
  • Your teeth chatter more than your co-workers.
  • You try to scroll down but can’t because you’re wearing gloves.
  • You look longingly at snowmen and envy their cold-weather comfort.


And the number one sign you may need a hot drink? It’s winter. (Is it ever!)


Here are three hot drinks you’ll only find at your neighbourhood aroma espresso bar:


Hot Chocolate


Our classic Hot Chocolate is just like homemade. Chunks of premium milk chocolate are melted under steamed milk for a rich and authentic flavour. Spoil yourself and add a marshmallow or two. And be sure to stir!


Pistachio Latte


Pumpkins are passé – pistachios are where it’s at! Our signature espresso is flavoured with pistachio, topped with freshly whipped cream prepared in-house every day and drizzled with a rich pistachio crema. We finish each drink with a sprinkle of hand-grated pistachios for a little crunch.


Aroma Coffee


We melt chunks of premium milk chocolate in our signature espresso and top it with cocoa and freshly whipped cream prepared in-house every day. One sip and you’ll understand why it’s our signature drink!


What’s your favourite way to warm up with aroma? Let us know in the comments below!


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