Nourishing Young Minds [Guest Post]

We are happy to share this wonderful blog post from our good friend Libby Roach. A writer and photographer from Toronto, and mom to a couple of great kids, Libby has been published in BlogTO, View The Vibe, Post City Magazines, and many other local publications. She recently posted a blog on her website about our Aroma Kids’ menu, and our one-of-a-kind #aromaKidz contest, and has allowed us to share it with you here! Read on to learn why aroma espresso bar is Libby’s choice for nutritious options when it comes to casual family dining, and be sure to visit Libby’s website for more photos and information on #aromaKidz and our great contest!



by: Libby Roach


Now, I’m not one to play the mom card often, but when it comes to feeding young minds, it’s glaringly obvious that we have a problem when it comes to food education and children. Let me be a debbie downer for a mo- As a mom of two, I’m acutely aware that this generation’s life span likely won’t live as long as our current one. That’s a scary statistic. On the flip side of being a mom, I’m time compressed on the road- options for quick grab and go meals are hard to come by. Bucking the golden arches is easy enough, but how do you feed two sporty kids on the go between hockey/karate/swimming and hip hop dance classes (don’t even get me started on dabbing).


So when I found out Aroma was launching a kids menu, I was pretty stoked. I love Aroma- their coffee packs a punch and their food is fresh and healthy. I know when I walk in the door I’m going to make a pretty safe choice. And that goes for my girls too. Kids can snag either French Toast with Fresh Fruit, Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Cucumber Sticks, or Tri-colour Pasta with Red Pepper and Tomato sauce. Each portion is comes with fruits or veggies and is filling- not dumbed down- no chicken nuggets or mac n’ cheese in sight. You also score a drink (milk, juice, lemonade) and a fresh baked cookie. While tots are limited to three combos (for now I hope!) they’re all clear winners and shows that this restaurant on the right track when it comes to kids nutrition.

Because Aroma and I are tight, I am happy to promote this new menu, and I’m excited to add that they have a killer contest to kick things off! To celebrate the new menu, they’ve brought on an artist- digital finger painter Chelsea Lundy (@chelsdrawsyou) to recreate your fave photo of your crew!

The prize is an 8×10 framed drawing by Chelsea Lundy for Aroma Espresso Bar valued at $100.00 and there will be one prize winner per week, announced each Tuesday. So whatcha waiting for? You can enter the contest and see full details here.


Special thanks to Aroma for including me in this contest, and to Chelsea for her lovely portrait of my girls!

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