Our New Friend: Foodism Toronto


We are excited to announce a partnership between aroma espresso bar Canada and Foodism Toronto!


What is Foodism Toronto?


Foodism Toronto is a free magazine published every other month, website, and weekly e-blast profiling the best of Toronto’s food scene with news, reviews, trends, recipes and more.


Its debut print issue launched Tuesday October 4 with a blitz giveaway of 50,000 copies at major commuter hubs across the city.


Foodism originated in London, England two years ago; today their UK readership is over 500,000 and they count nearly 100,000 unique website visitors each month.


How Are We Partnering With Them?


aroma has agreed to be one of only two official distribution partners of Foodism.


Participating aroma espresso bar locations, along with select downtown Toronto Loblaws stores, will be the only places in Toronto for readers to pick up free copies of Foodism.


Why Are We Partnering With Them?


You know it’s true. Everything we do, we do for you.


We want our customers to feel special knowing their favourite café is one of the only places in Toronto to pick up a free copy of this elegant (and did we mention free?) food-related magazine.


Also, you need to read more! And we bet you’ll enjoy reading all about the local food scene in your city and being part of the growing Toronto foodie community.


So to Foodism Toronto: Welcome to the 6 and to aroma espresso bar!


Click here to find a full list of aroma espresso bar locations where you can pick up your copy of Foodism, and check out their website while you’re there!


TL;DR aroma espresso bar X Foodism Toronto

Foodism Toronto is a free magazine profiling the city’s food and restaurant scene.

Available at participating aroma espresso bar locations around Toronto.


Leave a comment below letting us know how what you think of the first issue of Foodism, and find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and YouTube.

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