Let’s Talk About Free Smoothie Day

Hi everyone. Let’s talk about Free Smoothie Day. 


We want to thank everyone who walked in the hot sun, came out to one of our stores, stood in line, and ordered a Free Smoothie. 


We apologize to those of you whose local aroma espresso bar ran out of Smoothies or ran out of ice. 


In 2007, we opened the first aroma espresso bar in Canada. Since then, we have been able to expand to 36 stores only because of our loyal customers. Your support is what drives us to ensure we continue to serve fresh, natural, and wholesome food and drinks. 


When we launched our Keep It 100 campaign for our 100% Real Fruit Smoothies a few weeks ago, we wanted to do something big. We wanted to reflect our appreciation for our customers. We wanted to give something of value back as a Thank You for all you’ve given us.
We spent weeks planning this event. Stores stocked up on products and staff. We tried hard to put a refreshing Smoothie in everyone’s hands. 

But we admit we were not prepared for how many of you love our Smoothies. As much as w prepared, we were overwhelmed with the demand. Many stores ran out of product early. Some had blenders malfunction and break. Others went through all the ice their ice machines could produce, having to then wait for it to refill.

With your feedback on Free Smoothie Day – both positive and negative – we are getting a clearer picture of where we need to improve the next time we have such a promotion. 
So stay tuned this summer – We will take everything we learned from Free Smoothie Day and make it up to those of you who missed out.
Thank you.


Anat Davidzon

Managing Partner, aroma espresso bar Canada


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