Hot Drinks For People Who Don’t Hibernate


It can be challenging to find something to bring us joy during winter. Just getting dressed to go outside involves a pep talk, strategic layering and much clenching of teeth.


This time of year, all we really want is to curl up under a blanket in front of a fireplace with a hot drink and a good friend. Call us when spring blooms!


For those who don’t have the luxury of hibernating, we want to share a few good reasons to warm up at your neighbourhood aroma espresso bar:


Cold Pressed Ginger Turmeric

Naturally sweetened with lemon, honey and a pinch of cinnamon, this elixir will warm you up from the inside when served hot. The combination of ginger and turmeric packs a powerful and healthy punch. Full of antioxidants, it promotes digestion and pain relief, and is considered to be anti-inflammatory and effective treatment for common colds and flus.


Hot Apple Cider

A throwback to a classic cold-weather drink! Our cider is made from locally-grown Ontario apples and served with a dried apple and cinnamon stick for stirring. Great for all ages and an unsung hero of our hot drinks selection.


Hot Chocolate

You won’t find any chocolate syrup, chocolate powder or chocolate mix in our classic Hot Chocolate. Instead we only use real chunks of premium milk or white chocolate melted under steamed milk. Be sure to stir for a rich, chocolatey flavour, or be like those-in-the-know and let it sit for a creamy, gooey melted chocolate delight at the bottom of your cup.


Chicken Broth

Cold? Flu? Fight back with a cup of steaming hot chicken broth, served with fresh chives. Warm up your soul sipping on this savoury soup – or is it a drink? Should you sip it, or slurp it? A few things to think about while you wipe your mouth and hide the cup from your grandmother.



The ultimate hot weather-cold weather drink! A scoop of vanilla ice cream drowning in a hot shot of freshly pulled espresso is sure to satisfy your friends who are sweating in their scarves and those who love to chill (literally).


TL;DR Hot Drinks For People Who Don’t Hibernate:

  • Loads of interesting hot drinks at your neighbourhood aroma espresso bar you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Our Hot Chocolate is made with real chocolate – no syrups or powders here!
  • Caught a cold? Feeling flu-ish? Try our Chicken Broth, served to go with fresh chives.


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