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Aroma Espresso Bar Keeps It Fresh, Launches Freshly Baked Bread Bowls [APRIL FOOL’S]

Much-kneaded edible bowl concept increases portions, decreases waste

The sight and scent of fresh bread straight from the oven is a sensory experience aroma espresso bar customers will enjoy a lot more. Today aroma announces plans to extend its lineup of loaves to include freshly baked bread bowls as edible vessels for their hearty and nutritious salads and soups.


“Our new freshly baked bread bowls are the best thing since sliced bread and we have already heard from customers who are saying it’s the toast of the town,” says Anat Davidzon, Managing Partner at aroma espresso bar. “This transition to bread bowls increases portion size for our customers, decreases waste and overhead at our cafés and strengthens our standing in the community as a place where neighbours come to break bread.”

Beginning this summer, aroma will convert its operations to support the use of freshly baked bread bowls for all salads and soups, as well as its Shakshuka, Moroccan-Spiced Chicken and Grain Bowl and Atlantic Salmon and Roasted Carrot Couscous Bowl.


Made using the same bread aroma espresso bar already produces in-house for its handcrafted sandwiches, the freshly baked bread bowls are baked fresh throughout each day in each café and available in white, whole wheat or multigrain. A gluten-free option is expected later this year.


“We explored a lot of stale half-baked ideas and strongly believe we’re on a roll with this concept,” says Neil Creighton, Director, Food and Beverage at aroma espresso bar. “We’re already looking forward to further extending our breadily-available edible lineup to include freshly baked bread mugs and to-go cups by the end of 2019.”

To promote the new freshly baked bread bowls, aroma will attempt to set a world record by ceremoniously shattering over 2000 of its current ceramic bowls at once during this year’s Taste of The Danforth festival.



aroma espresso bar Set To Open Farm-to-Table Café aroma espresso Barn


Fully-functioning farm, 19th century barn transformed into hip, healthy hangout


**UPDATE: You all know this was an April Fool’s joke right?**


E-I-E-I-espress-O! aroma espresso bar Canada has bought the farm – literally! Celebrating its 10th year of operation in Canada, the brand is excited to announce its newest dining concept: aroma espresso Barn. Set to open on a rural property two hours west of Toronto near the banks of Lake Ontario, The Barn features over 100 items currently available at all aroma locations made using only fresh ingredients cultivated on the two-acre property.


“We’re creating a really unique experience and often joke eating at The Barn will be like ‘The 100-Metre Diet’,” says Roald MacDonald, General Manager at aroma espresso Barn. “Our kitchen staff can reach out the window to pick a fresh tomato off the vine or visit the chicken coop for a fresh egg; even the milk in your coffee will come from our very own cows… that smell also comes from our cows. Sorry.”


The property features a fully-functioning farm with a 120-year old farmhouse painstakingly restored and transformed into the aroma espresso Barn, a 2,200 sq. ft. café with soaring ceilings, ample tractor parking and space for 65 people to dine on the ground floor, including stables converted to dining booths and hay-bale bench seating.


The Barn’s second level promises to be a neighborhood hub, functioning as a yoga studio, art gallery, acoustic concert venue and league axe-throwing space. The patio features a covered outdoor espresso bar constructed completely of salvaged wood from the surrounding properties and seats an additional 45 people downwind from the cow pasture. Sorry.


TL;DR aroma espresso bar opens The Barn:

  • Restored 19th-century farmhouse converted to hip and healthy hangout
  • Over 100 items available freshly made to order and sourced from farm-to-table
  • Opening this summer!


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